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Missy Lever


Growing up in Augusta, GA, my parents instilled in me compassion and responsibility for all of God’s creatures. One of my earliest memories is of my dad stopping in the middle of the road to rescue an injured raccoon near Lake Olmsted. Our home was always filled with rescued animals, from dogs to chickens.


Although I rescue all animals, cats hold a special place in my heart. My first cat, Sheba, wandered up to my house, starving, cold and injured, one night 15 years ago. From that moment on, my home has been a safe haven for cats in transition to a new life. Winfrey, a cat who lived on a houseboat, found himself in need when his owner was diagnosed with cancer. There are many more strays, ferals and abandoned cats and kittens that I’ve helped along the way.


While there are so many cats who need rescue, there are just as many dogs. One of my dog fosters, Bullet, was found in a neighborhood off Wrightsboro Road. He had been shot and left to die on the side of the road. After receiving the medical care that saved his life, he was adopted into a loving home.


My career in sales with Lamar Advertising has given me the opportunity to meet so many animal lovers in the CSRA who also place a priority on saving animal lives. Talking to these people, as well as being a rescuer myself, made me aware of the different needs involved in getting our companion animals the help that they need. Along with my son, Jon, I reap the rewards of rescue each day when I look into a saved animals eyes. I am very excited about being part of That’s What Friends Are For, a community resource that helps fund many of the solutions needed in our area to combat overpopulation, neglect and cruelty.


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