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Animal Advocate

Tribute to Stefanie Brown

Stefanie Brown, former member of our board of directors, was motivated by her love of all creatures and her need to help them. Animal rescue work is driven by a compassionate heart, and Stefanie’s huge heart kept her involved in every aspect, helping animals in need in any way she could.


She would see an injured animal on the side of the road and pick him up and get him to a vet. She would see a post on facebook where an animal was in need of help, and she was on her way. She fostered many animals until a forever home could be found, and became a ‘foster failure’ for many, including Bonnie and so many other dogs and cats that were fortunate to have her as a pet parent. She would research natural remedies and diets to help each animal heal and regain their vitality.


She was tireless at fundraising for them, especially on facebook, whether for a particular dog or cat, and even created her Have A Heart online auction, generating funds for animals in need.


She was my friend, and I miss her. Her genuine love of animals and her dedication to helping them is legend. Stefanie left us way too early, and will be missed by many

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About Us

Our board is made up of unpaid compassionate volunteers, that work full time jobs, and strive to fulfill our mission in the rest of our waking hours, whose payment consists for purrs, tail wags and the grateful appreciation given from the animals we help and the people that love them.


Dogs and cats know no geological boundaries, and when they are settled in a home, we believe they should be able to stay, rather than being surrendered due to lack of funds. Our lifesaving programs drastically reduce animal homelessness, abandonment and surrender of dogs and cats to area shelters where most do not survive. Richmond County and our neighboring communities have a significant problem with large populations of homeless animals, which places a burden on our already overwhelmed municipal shelters where funds and space are not sufficient to handle them.


When dogs and cats are sterilized, many positive changes occur. They no longer feel the need to roam, seeking and fighting over mates and territories, and so, have fewer injuries. Many offensive behaviors are reduced or eliminated. The likelihood of developing cancers and other diseases is drastically reduced.


People that care for strays, do so out of the kindness of their hearts, but when cats continually reproduce, caregivers get overwhelmed. They find they can no longer care for so many. Neighbors make nuisance complaint calls and animals are taken away and euthanized. The more humane and effective solution is Trap Neuter Return, sterilizing and vaccinating the cats, so they live out their lives without reproducing.


Having access to financial assistance for the sterilization of animals makes all the difference in the world to animals and the people that love them, pets and strays.


Children that grow up in homes with pets have fewer allergies, lower blood pressure and are outdoors and more active. Caring for a pet teaches responsibility, and cuddling a pet reduces stress, loneliness and anxiety. Reading to a pet instills confidence. Children that learn to be kind to animals will be kind adults. The opposite is true-when children or adults are mean or cruel to animals, they will be the same way to people.


It is well documented that pets have a positive influence on owners, mentally and physically. Elderly people that share their lives with a pet experience less depression, have more social contacts, get outdoors more, exercise and feel safer in their homes.


Many veterans seek the companionship of a “service” animal, most often a dog, especially when they have experienced PTSD. Dogs help them to relearn trust, become more social, are very protective and love unconditionally.


We network with rescue groups and pet loving individuals that simply care enough to help animals in need. This networking helps find homes for animals, including those left behind by people that can no longer care for them or an owner who has passed away. We see the kindness and generosity rippling out, touching more people, teaching more responsible pet ownership, giving purpose to some and warming the hearts of many.


Kindness matters every day.




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