Watching an animal go from a point of suffering to living a loving happy life is the reward for what we do. 
Here are some of our success stories we want to share with you.



  • Found in a ditch unable to move
  • Two severely broken legs and a back injury
  • Heartworm positive
  • Extensive surgeries and rod placements
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Neuter and vaccinations



  • Abandoned for two weeks on this chain
  • Spayed, Vaccinations and Dental Extractions
  • Groom (Terrified of water)
  • High HW+
  • Hole in heart
  • Receiving HW Treatment




  • 8 years old
  • Rectal tumor
  • Heartworm positive
  • Abandoned


  • Double-Merle
  • Deaf
  • Vision Impaired
  • Injury to Front Foot
  • Left tied to porch
  • Spay/Vaccines
  • Eye Exam & Xrays




  • Vaccinated
  • Skin allergy treated
  • Dewormed
  • Spay



  • Hurrican Survivor
  • Neutered
  • Vaccinated

When I got Misty, she was 17 weeks old and very sick. She was the size of a 1 month old kitten. With help from That's What Friends Are For, I rushed her to the vet. She was on death's door. Dr. Timmons, at All God's Creatures, went to work on her immediatley. She had an infection running through her body and she was hospitalized two different times. It took months of antibiotics to get her healthy. The only lasting effect is some neurological issues. She has seizures and is on medicine to prevent them. Without That's What Friends Are For, she would not have lived! They are a great resource! Lor and Stefanie have helped me so much! I know to this day, if Misty had a setback and I couldn't afford treatment at that time, they would make sure she would be taken care of. I can't express how much gratitude I have for them!

My name is Little Bit (Bandit). I came from a trapping project that yielded a grand total of 15 kittens. I had health issues and a "bad" eye that I couldn't see out of. The vets thought I may not live and that if I did live, I may need to have my eye removed. My foster mamas fed me baby food and kitten canned food to fatten me up and did everything they could to save my eye. Despite all the treatment I received, my eye never healed but it didn't have to be removed! My foster mom's aunt took one look at me with my one eye and fell in love. She took me and my sister to her home in New Jersey. I now love to romp in the snow and watch the geese on the pond. Once the runt of the litter, I am now 13 pounds. Lorna from TWFAR paid for my vetting and found me and awesome foster mom.

I saw a post on Facebook about a dog being dumped in an old abandoned trailer park that no one lives in. It is completely enclosed, you have to open a gate to get in. This poor pup was most likely thrown over the fence because where I found him, he was nowhere near the entrance to the park. A good Samaritan posted on Facebook about him, asking if anyone could help. It was about midnight when I realized no one was going to get him, so I got in my car and drove to get this baby. He was such a sweet, gentle soul from the moment I met him. He was very skinny and he was covered in fleas and ticks. He also had cuts and scratches on his face and an apparent skin condition. No one came forward in my attempts to find his owner and he was not microchipped. I didn't know what to do for this poor guy, so I sought help on Facebook. Stefanie, with TWFAF, reached out to me. I was able to take him to the vet, All God's Creatures, and get him checked out and all fixed up at no cost to me! A month later I finally found him the perfect home with a loving family, a big fenced-in year and heartworm treatment!

My name is Rusty. It took three weeks to trap me and my sister. I was infested with fleas, had worms, multiple eye infections, and a yeast infection that caused fungus to grow in my ears. To make matters worse, I was scared to death of people. Lorna from TWFAF stepped in to help with vetting and find us a foster home that would help us heal and not be so much afraid of humans. Since I needed lots of medicine and multiple baths for fleas, I had to stay with my foster mom a long time and grew attached to her pack of cats. I still am shy but pull out that laser light and I will be your best friend. Now I am healthy and happy in my new forever home thanks to TWFAF.


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