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Tara Ford Romes

Vice Chairwoman

My name is Tara Ford Romes, local girl, from the Augusta/Evans area. I developed my passion for animals about 16 years ago, around the same time I had overcome my own struggles. My passion started out with picking up strays, both dogs and cats, from the streets, spaying other people’s dogs just to stop to litter cycle, to being a board member of a local rescue group.


I am social worker at Fort Gordon that proudly serves our active duty service members. I am constantly participating in the community on my days off with some type of animal work and advocacy. I am known to do just about anything to help a voiceless animal, from pulling over on the side of the street to feed strays (yes, I actually ride around with food in my SUV) to loading up my SUV with my husband and daughter to help injured animals.


I have a few proud moments in rescue I’ll share. One is trapping a litter of beautiful kittens, having them all fixed by That’s What Friends are For and finding forever homes for them. My second moment was a few years back, when an urgent Facebook message was sent out to help with a dog found by a man that was hired to clear the lot. His girlfriend Holly, whom I still stay in contact with, was in desperate need of some help to get the severely emaciated dog that could not even walk off the property. My husband and I met her downtown with a kennel at night and loaded the sick dog. This dog had severe mange, was heartworm positive and was on the verge of dying. The community came together, and this dog was nursed back to health. She lives a wonderful life today. Holly dog is why I keep doing what I’m doing.


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