Out of the mouths of babes

twodog“Out of the mouths of babes.” That was the first thing I thought, when a friend recently related to me a conversation she’d had with an eight year old boy.  My friend was walking a pit bull puppy she rescued and was fostering, when she came upon a nice young boy that exclaimed ‘what a pretty puppy’ she had!  They spoke for a few minutes, then the boy said she should keep her (instead of trying to find another home for her), because she would have lots of pretty puppies and she could sell them for $200 each.  My friend tried to explain to the child that there were far too many puppies and dogs that don’t have homes, so more of them should be ‘fixed’ so they don’t have more babies.  The second thing I thought, was that we sure have a lot of work ahead of us, trying to change that mindset, that dogs are ‘cash cows.’  Animals really are thinking, feeling creatures, and they deserve our compassion.

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