Spay/Neuter Challenge

Dear Friends and Friends To Be,

kitten and veterinarianSpring is finally here! We’ve enjoyed the lavender tulip-like blossoms of the Japanese Magnolias and the magnificent colors of the azaleas Augusta is famous for. And, once again, it’s raining puppies and kittens. Spay and neuter is never more important than right now, to prevent more unwanted litters.

That’s What Friends Are for, Inc. has been devoted to raising funds for and helping with the expenses of spay and neuter for dogs and cats since 2009. Thanks to generous donations from individuals and businesses throughout the CSRA, we have helped to make a huge difference. But, our work begins anew this spring, and we need your help.

When you make a donation to our spay/neuter fund, you help keep companion animals in their loving homes when families cannot afford this expense. Children benefit tremendously, in so many ways, from having furry friends in their lives. Seniors, particularly when they live alone, benefit from the companionship and unconditional love a dog or cat provides. People that have fallen into difficult economic situations are very appreciative of this gift that helps keep their families together.

We are kicking off our fundraising drive with our 2017 Spay/Neuter Challenge. For those of you that are new Friends, That’s What Friends Are For, Inc. is a non-profit organization that raises much needed funds and networks with rescue groups and individuals to provide financial assistance for spay/neuter, vaccines and medical procedures to save or improve the quality of life for dogs and cats. We also network to reunite lost pets with their families and to find solutions when pet owners are struggling. The domino effect that also happens is particularly heartwarming. When people receive the support they need for their furry companions, they often pay it forward by donating time, love or money, by teaching others the importance of spay and neuter, or by fostering pets in need. Their kindness touches someone else, and they too, pass it on.

Every penny donated to That’s What Friends Are For, Inc. goes towards medical interventions and rescue efforts. Your tax deductible donations in support of our lifesaving programs are very much appreciated

Donations can be made by clicking the donate button, or checks can be mailed to:

That’s What Friends Are For
PO Box 9490
Augusta, GA 30906

Thank you for your consideration and support, and for being part of the network of caring and compassionate people that are truly making a difference. Now, that’s what friends are for!

Compassionately yours,

Lorna Barrett, founder

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