We graciously accept tax deductible donations any day of the year, and encourage monthly support, memorial gifts and to be included in estate planning.

Pet owners understand the cost associated with caring for their pet or pets. Food, vaccinations, flea control, toys, beds and medical assistance when needed – it all adds up far too quickly sometimes. Founded in 2009, That’s What Friends Are For (TWFAF) helps families with the expense of spaying/neutering their animals. Your donation helps us continue our work.

Why donate to the TWFAF?

Because we need as much help as we can to help people help animals. The work we have done on a daily basis has saved the lives of countless pets and we will continue to do so as long as you continue to support us in our passionate cause of sterilizing as many animals as possible. Cats and dogs don’t ask us for a lot. Yet they give us everything they have in the form of unconditional love. Your support of TWFAF is a way you can return a small portion of their love.

Please donate what you can, whenever you can. Your money, your time, or both if possible.

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