Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown & Leroy Brown

Foxy Brown

I would like to take a moment to give a Giant KUDOS to That’s What Friends are For, Inc., and Lorna Barrett. I cannot express the gratitude that I have for this organization. I recently rescued a 5-week-old puppy, and shortly after I very unexpectedly and tragically lost my job. While my new fur baby provided me with much-needed comfort and companionship, I was very worried about her vet bills and getting her spayed. I reached out to CSRA LIFESAVER (another very worthy organization) for help, and they referred me to the That’s What Friends are For. Lorna personally responded to my application the same day and not only offered to cover the cost of spaying my new puppy, Foxy Brown, but also the cost for her brother, Leroy Brown. I was so touched and inspired by this I would like to do anything I can to help this cause. This organization not only assists with spaying and neutering, but also assists with extensive vet bills and rescuing fur babies in need. I have signed up for a few volunteer days and am going to do my best to raise as much money as possible for this group, I implore you to do anything you can to help this worthy cause. “Like” them on Facebook to see the many ways you can help. — Dixie Morgan



Nova with her new owner, Heather

With TWFAF’s help, I was able to rescue an injured stray cat in my neighborhood. Nova was attacked by a dog, and she wandered the area with deep wounds for two days. Once I contacted Lorna, she instantly set me up with a local clinic to get the feline’s injuries taken care of, in addition to making sure she was healthy, spayed and vaccinated. Helping Nova was easy because of TWFAF, and she managed to heal up beautifully before moving in with her new family. — Jennifer Annis

From a Vet

Dr. Scarlett Timmons-Spangler

I would just like to take a moment to explain the awesome impact made by That’s What Friends Are For. This group provided a second chance at life for a very special young dog who was deathly ill with pneumonia and an obstruction in his intestines. Although the odds were against the baby for survival, TWFAF financed the entire cost of the procedure and a WEEK of vet-care in hospital. With God’s healing hand, this young dog pulled through the surgery and recovery and is doing wonderful at home with his owner. The owner of the pet could not have been more thankful; he has become an animal advocate wanting to educate others on the importance of spaying/neutering and proper vet care. The time and finances donated by this group have made lasting impacts in the lives of so many animals and people. As one of their veterinarians, I encourage anyone who has the desire and the availability to please donate to this organization to help fund more pets just like this baby.


Petey’s Story


The day he came right to Erin for help.

This is Petey. I met him in 2012 when he was in desperate need of rescue. Petey’s story begins when he was found in extremely poor condition, underweight, and dragging a chain attached to a collar around his neck. My neighbor, who found Petey and was tending to him the best she could, was not home when one morning animal control showed up to capture Petey.

This is when I met the sweet boy who came to be known as Petey. I heard a dog frantically barking when I looked out of my window, only to see animal control after him. It was an extremely unsettling moment.

Much later, he came from Graced Kennel to socialize with other dogs and people at one of our rummage sales. He got along great with everyone.

Much later, he came from Graced Kennel to socialize with other dogs and people at one of our rummage sales. He got along great with everyone.

Moments later, it was quiet again. I felt absolutely horrible. For some reason, I couldn’t help but look out of my window even though I just knew he was gone. I cracked my blinds, and to my surprise there was Petey sitting on my neighbors front porch. There was no sight of animal control, and I could not believe my eyes!!

I had no idea of what to do. I had no way of bringing Petey home with me and knew of no one to place him with. All I could think is I need to help him asap before animal control comes back. So I contacted a few rescue groups, but sadly none of them were able to help. I was feeling at a loss when I remembered having a business card in my wallet for a group called That’s What Friends Are For. I picked it up 6 months prior while eating at The Village Deli for no particular reason except that I love animals, and I knew they did, also. I just knew it was a long shot, but I was willing to at least try.

I called the number on the card and left a message with the young lady who answered the phone. She promised she would pass my message along, and a lady named Lorna would call me back. Minutes later, Lorna called me back. I explained to her my situation and without hesitation, she came to Petey’s rescue immediately. She sent one of her volunteers with TWFAF to pick up Petey and take him directly to Highland Pet Hospital. The nice man who picked Petey up was the one who gave him his name; he appropriately named him after Petey from The Little Rascals. Turns out, Petey was diagnosed with heartworms, as well as needing to be neutered, all of which TWFAF happily took care of. Petey was also immediately taken in by the wonderful people at Graced Kennels for fostering until adopted into his forever home.

Enjoying the sunshine in the yard at Graced Kennel. He really is a sweetheart.

Enjoying the sunshine in the yard at Graced Kennel. He really is a sweetheart.

Petey is such a loving, sweet boy. From the moment he was rescued, all he wanted to do was sit in a person’s lap and to be loved. Petey is healthy and happy now thanks to That’s What Friends Are For and Graced Kennels. Petey is still searching for the perfect family to call his own. He loves everyone;–kids, dogs, cats; he loves to play, going for walks, and would love nothing more than to pile up on the couch with his very own family during movie night. If you think you might be Petey’s perfect match, contact Graced Kennels (706) 738-7168 for an interview.

I can not thank That’s What Friends Are For Inc. enough for stepping up, no questions asked, and taking care of this sweet boy. They definitely live up to their name. Thank you again TWFAF!

Sincerely, Erin P.




A huge thank you to That’s What Friends Are For for helping us get Roxy spayed! She is a rescue pup that we saved from the park after witnessing someone drop her off and drive away. I don’t know who is the luckiest, her or us, for finding her! Shes living the life now! Plays all day, sleeps in the bed, even goes camping with us! This organization truly is a God send at a time when we needed it the most. Thank you all, and God bless! — Gabrielle I.


Baby Girl

Baby Girl

Lorna B. and That’s What Friends Are For, Inc., helped me out most recently around Memorial Day. I had been watching a large dog walk along the path between the railroad tracks and my backyard. Three weeks went on while I tried to get close to the dog. She avoided me, but finally seemed to understand that I was the one leaving her food. Still, I could not get close to her. Lorna connected me to Kathy H. from Molly’s Militia. Kathy helped me to catch the girl. Baby Girl, as we started to call her, was in pitiful shape. She was 45 lbs. (probably should be 65-75.) She is suspected to be about 6-7 years old. She is missing one ear, and her teeth are ground down. That’s What Friends Are For, Inc., has helped with some of her vetting costs. Baby Girl is heartworm positive. She will begin her treatment for the heartworms very soon, but her continued progress would not have been possible without That’s What Friends Are For, Inc. and so many other friends and animal lovers helping me out. Baby Girl is a charmer. She is such a sweet girl…I believe that she once had a good home. We would still love to find her a forever home, but I have a feeling she is with us for life! She will have a good home! Thanks again That’s What Friends Are For, Inc.! You are dog-gone special! –Kathy E



Tom and more

Tom is one of our first feral family members that has been helped by That’s What Friends Are For. Unfortunately, we have quite a few feral colonies throughout our neighborhood. Thanks to the caring and compassionate work of TWFAF, the chances have been lessened considerably of the colonies continuing to grow and continue to produce more and more hungry and unhealthy litters of kittens that have no one to care for them and die from illness, neglect, and winding up being euthanized in the “shelter” for lack of space due to the overpopulation. This year alone, there have been anywhere from 2 to 11 cats roaming in my yard looking for food. In the past 3 years, TWFAF has helped spay and neuter 8 feral babies that have shown up at my door. Most recently taken care of were the Siamese Momma, Ebbie T, and her 3 babies she presented me with this May. I am hoping to find them homes as we speak. Without the help of Lorna and TWFAF, the situation that has been caused by careless owners and their lack responsibility towards their pets would be a hopeless situation. That’s What Friends Are For has truly been more than a friend to me and the feral colonies of Covington Subdivision! We can never thank them enough! — Robin M

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Lorna Barrett and That’s What Friends Are For, Inc., have been an invaluable resource to me personally. They are always willing to post information on animals that are lost, found, or need foster or forever homes. Most recently they helped me with spay and neuter costs for two of my rescues. The Chi-pit-Jack Russell mix was found eating out of neighborhood garbage cans. He was underweight, malnourished, and heartworm positive. That’s What Friends Are For, Inc., came to my rescue. They paid for the pup’s neutering.

He is now fully vetted and in his forever home. His new owner has named him Mr. Alice Cooper after the ’70s Rock star and band. But most of the time, Alice Cooper is referred to as Little Man. He is one of four rescues in the home: cat Lumina, and dogs Hanna and Jolene. This is one spoiled little boy! He is high maintenance, but worth it. He is just as comfortable on two legs as he is four! He loves his new Daddy and enjoys time with his new playmates. Thanks again That’s What Friends Are For, Inc.!


Other Testimonials

— For spay, neuter, basic vet care, where costs prohibit helping your pet or a stray animal in need, this is the place to contact. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gone to TWFAF several times and they have always come through for me, in a number of ways. The services they provide are sorely needed in our community. After seeing for myself what they are willing to do and how they give so much of themselves, I decided to make recurring donations to this cause. Worth every penny to know others can get the same help I, myself, once needed. — Shannon F

— Wonderful, caring, compassionate. Always helping animals. Always thinking of making the welfare of animals better. Thank you Lorna for doing what you are doing. We are making a difference. — Jeanne M

— Lee and I would like to thank Lorna Barrett and the members of TWFAF. We have had stray cats spayed or neutered, and they have always been there when an animal needed veterinary care. A feral cat in Jackson, SC had so many injuries to his hind end. TWFAF paid to have him seen. We called him Gus, he needed a name. He crossed over to Rainbow Bridge, and just knowing he had folks that cared made the grief easier to bear. — Gail S.

— Thanks to TWFAF, we had four feral cats spayed & neutered last year. They are fed & cared for by us. They have even leaned to trust us enough to let us pick them up and hold them. Since being “fixed” they don’t wander looking for another to mate with, which keeps them out of harms way. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful community resource. — Valerie N

— Compassion in action. Lorna practices what she preaches. Deserves a lot of help. This group has helped countless animals in our area. — Breeda O

–Thank you for helping with the foster babies we have had. We could not have done it without you. TWFAF called us asking for help fostering fur babies. One gentlemen was down on his luck, and needed a temporary home for his beloved Lucy. Lorna made sure he was up to date on shots and neutered. This bassett hound made a big difference in our lives, and we became friends with the owner. Again, TWFAF is pawsome! — Gail S

— TWFAF has helped spay several of our sweet pups at Brass Knuckle Pin Ups Rescue. Lorna is great and always ready to help save animals any way she can! — Shannon C

— Thank you for helping my ex mother in law get her little dog spayed. She has very little money and the spay/neuter program was a big help. Keep up the good work! It’s much needed! — Rachel H

— Lorna! I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. I can sense your true love for animals through your quick response today. — Trudi S

— A HUGE “thank you” to That’s What Friends Are For, for helping me get a cat that lived at my place of work, spayed and up to date on her vaccinations, and for their support on how to easily transition her move to my neighborhood after!This group is an absolute blessing to our community. — Mandi M

— Thank-you for all the many animals you spay and neuter. — Margie R

— I had thought I rehomed one of my fur babies to a good home. Three months later I get a phone call saying that Aiken County Animal Control had him. He had two deep, infected wounds that needed immediate attention. Thanks to That’s What Friends Are For, I was able to get him to vet and all doctored up. Without the volunteers and funds, I don’t know where Gunner would be with his health. — Katie M.

— I would like to thank you from the deepest depth of my heart you made my two little girls the happiest in the world when I told them we can keep Penelope because of your generous donation to get her spaded and her rabies shot. If the anything I could do in return let me know and I will provide donations when I can. Again thank you! — Dana H

— I can’t thank you enough for your help recently with a starving stray dog that I found. You were kind enough to fund the vetting for his shots, wormer & neuter. Thanks to your help, he is thriving & happy in his new home! You were a Godsend! — Lisa A.

— If you are in a position to do so, PLEASE consider donating to this incredible organization. They are an amazing rescue program and save the lives of so, so many beautiful creatures who only want what we all want and are deserving of; understanding, compassion and a home that is forever, filled with never-ending love. “That’s What Friends Are For”, promises and delivers just that. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done and continue to do for myself and so many others.
Please Donate. ANY little bit could help save another beautiful life. They are a gift sent straight from GOD. ONLY GOD, could have sent them to me when HE did, and I am eternally grateful to every single person who make this program possible. — Tina H.

— Lorna is the best. Times have been tough and a surgery for my fur baby was too much and the place I first went to wouldn’t take payments. I believe this was my calling and I will forever be indebted to “that’s what friends are for”. Money or my my time, I feel my fur daughter is happy and not in anymore pain. — Carol M.

— That’s What Friends Are For saved the lives of two stray cats in my area. Previously, my community would have called these cats in where they probably would’ve been put down because they were feral and not suitable for adoption. However, they were great cats that didn’t bother anyone, so with the help of TWFAF, we had them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and returned to the neighborhood as TNR cats. The support from my community is overwhelming, and they love knowing these cats are healthy (for their own personal health and safety) and will send me photos as they come to visit each of their houses. TWFAF not only paid to have these guys treated, but they also gave these guys a new lease on life. Two strays that previously have been rejected have been welcomed back to the community with loving arms thanks to help from That’s What Friends Are For! — Alli D.

— Amazing foundation. Helped us when we found Dudley outside suffering from a bad eye infection and starving. They helped with his vet bills so that we were able to take him in. I cannot thank them enough. They deserve all the donations and support they can get! — Lyndsay C.

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