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lostdogWhere can I adopt a pet?

Look on Facebook, and go to Petco and Petsmart on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The local animal control facilities in Richmond County and Columbia County, as well as Aiken have many adoptable pets. Please adopt rather than buying pets from breeders. Adopting a pet saves lives.

I need help with the expense of spay/neuter and rabies for my pets, what do I do?

Visit this page and fill out the form. If approved, you will receive a voucher to use at one of the low cost clinics in your area.

I found a dog or a cat, what should I do?

Take pet to a vet and get a free scan to see if there is a microchip. Take a few pictures to make a flyer to post in the neighborhood. Go door to door and ask if anyone recognized the animal. Post pictures and your contact info on Facebook and tag Lorna Barrett to reach a larger audience. Post on the various lost or found animal facebook pages. Call vet offices and animal control in the area to see if they have had calls about an animal with this description.

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