Thank you

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your interest in knowing more about what we do, our numbers, and sharing this information with your friends. Without the support of our community, people like you, we would not have the success we have with fundraising and networking to save and improve the lives of our companion animals throughout the CSRA.

In 2016, we were able to finance the spay or neuter and rabies vaccines for 447 dogs and cats, at a cost of $26,500., and to provide financial assistance with medical interventions for 135 dogs and cats, at a cost of nearly $16,000. Those medical interventions include things like limb amputation surgeries, eye removal surgeries, surgeries to remove bowel obstructions (like corncobs), wound treatment, heartworm tests and other tests, heartworm treatment, puppy and kitten care, health certification for pets that get transported to other states for better adoption opportunities and much more. We work with many veterinarians, and appreciate their commitment to helping save the lives of companion animals.

In 2015 our donations allowed us to do much more. We were able to finance the spay or neuter and rabies vaccines for 905 dogs and cats (and two rabbits) at a cost of $57,278. And, thanks to generous donations, our veterinary assistance program, as described above, spent over $27,000 on twice as many companion animals.

None of the money we raise pays any salaries, or compensates volunteers for anything. We make every effort to get everything donated, so that we can help more animals in need. Our non-profit has been raising money and networking with rescue organizations, local, regional and nationwide, since 2008. We were given our tax exempt status April 3, 2009.

Our gross receipts for 2016 are currently being calculated, but for previous years, they are:

2008: $12,002 2009: $27,408
2010: $32,762 2011: $35,685
2012: $46,636 2013: $59,670
2014: $105,752 2015: $101,087

Total gross receipts for 2008 through 2015 is $421,002. We feel pretty good about this.

We never know how much money we will be able to raise, but we make the best use of what we have. A car was donated, in each of two different years, for us to raffle off or sell, to bring in more money. We seek and apply for grants, and have been fortunate to be recipients of grants from the Community Foundation for the CSRA twice.

We truly appreciate the generosity and partnership with individuals and business owners to work together to put the brakes on the animal population explosion, end animal homelessness and to help continue the decrease in shelter admissions and deaths of adoptable animals. We promote camaraderie among rescue groups working for the same goals in our neighboring communities, promoting responsible pet ownership, and especially spay and neuter.

Thank you again, for your interest in our lifesaving programs, and I hope we can count on your continued support. By sharing this information with others, you are helping to promote our work, and, for that, we are truly grateful. If you participate in Facebook, LIKE our page and you will see that on it we promote fundraising events and animals in need of help.


Lorna Barrett, founder and chair
That’s What Friends Are For, Inc

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